PHBA does not provide annual insurance to cover Third Party Liability for Clubs and is the responsibilty of clubs to show proof of cover.

SEASON 2023/24

The PHBA Insurance Certificates can be viewed on the Home Menu under About, Documents and Downloads.

If clubs or individuals wish to take out their own sports insurance specific to their own needs they can of course do so.


Terminology, Points Scoring, Match Scoring, Promotion/Relegation, Premier Division, Miscellaneous.

Please note the correct terminology as adopted from Badminton England by the PHBA:
21 points = a game.
Best of 3 games = a rubber, or set.
A total of 6 rubbers/sets = a match.

All divisions will now have six rubbers/sets per match.

Pairings: A+B v A+B, C+D v C+D, A+B v C+D, C+D v A+B, A+D v A+D, B+C v B+C.

Man A + Lady A v Man A + Lady A
Man B + Lady B v Man B + Lady B
Man A + Lady A v Man B + Lady B
Man B + Lady B v Man A + Lady A
Man A + Lady B v Man A + Lady B
Man B + Lady A v Man B + Lady A

Only game points won count towards the final match points total, not the individual rubbers/sets won as in previous seasons.
This enables teams to score points even if they lose the match 6 rubbers/sets to 0. There are a maximum of 18 points and a minimum of 12 points to be won per match between both teams. Either team can attain anything from 12 points maximum (if they win all of their games) down to a minimum of 0 points, if they do not win any games.

Scorecards were given out at the AGM. They can also be downloaded from Documents and Downloads under the menu About on the Home Page of the PHBA website.

The Committee voted to return to the '2 up, 2 down' format for promoted and relegated teams instead of the play-off option.

An 'umbrella' insurance will have been taken out for all PHBA clubs and its Committee Members. See above. This is necessary to cover all eventualities. Clubs playing in the Southampton and Winchester Leagues must also be registered with Badminton England due to B.E.'s stipulation of not covering their own members who play against non-registered B.E. players.



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