Promotion / Relegation play-offs


There were 2 potentional play-off fixtures this season.

Portsmouth 2 Mens (placed 2nd in Division 2 Mens) declined to challenge PCBA 3 Mens (placed 2nd from bottom in Division 1 Mens) for the right to promotion, so both teams retain their current Divisional status.

Cowplain 2 Mens (placed 2nd in Division 3 Mens) did challenge Brookfield Mens (placed 2nd from bottom in Divison 2 Mens). The one-off match was played at Cowplain's venue on Sunday 20th May 2018.
Final score; Cowplain 2 [2] v Brookfield [6].
Congratulations to Brookfield on retaining their Division 2 status.
Cowplain 2 Mens will remain in Division 3.