There will be some changes to the league structure for the 2017/2018 season.

The Mixed Division will have only four games per match; two mixed pairs playing the two opposition mixed pairs ~ there will no longer be level doubles games. This change is to standardise the three divisions and also give clubs with less court availability the time to complete their mixed matches.

A new scoring system has been introduced across all three formats.
This involves the scoring of one point per game won within a rubber/set. Only game points won count towards the final match points total, not the individual rubbers/sets won as in previous seasons.
New scorecards have been given to your Match Secretaries for distribution to your club Match Captains. These can be downloaded from Documents and Downloads under the menu About on the Home Page.
For full details see your Match Secretary who was given an Example Scorecard at the PHBA AGM.

As voted for by all clubs at the 2016 PHBA AGM, we have been attempting to introduce the new Premier Division for this season. This is ongoing and is being organised by Pete Proud [Cowplain].
Once implemented, all clubs will be informed of the structure and running of the Premier Division.

An 'umbrella' insurance will have been taken out for all PHBA clubs and its Committee Members. This is necessary to cover all eventualities. Clubs playing in the Southampton and Winchester Leagues must also be registered with Badminton England due to their stipulation of not covering their own members who play against non-registered B.E. players.


If you have any questions please contact the PHBA Secretary, Andrew Wright: